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Best Office View Ever!

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A Bit About Bindlestiff

Bindlestiff Tours is an adventure tour company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in single & multi-day tours in our national parks and beyond. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, down to earth tour guides & our experience in the industry allows us to create the absolute best itineraries! One of our main goals is to surround ourselves with great people who love to share their passion for the outdoors with others!

Why Work With Bindlestiff?

Awesome Co-Workers

They say it takes a village. Not sure who 'they' are really, but hey, we can relate! Right through the whole company, from the ownership to the office staff, to the guides and out on the road with our suppliers and vendors, communication, compassion, understanding and support are vital to everyone's success in this industry. We've had years of experience at all different roles through the industry so we know how to support our crew. That being said, we do expect a lot from our staff and every position in the company has a major responsibility to be safe, trustworthy and having a good solid work ethic and follow-through for every assignment you take on is key.

Handpicked Adventures

We're in love with our tours, our guests rave about them and our guides have a blast leading them. Having a background guiding tours ourselves mixed with years working with customers to customize special, one off tours, we know what works and we aren't afraid to get creative when it comes to building our trips. Over the years we've learned a lot and continue to expand our offerings. How does this translate to our guides? Well, there's never a dull moment. That also shows through to our guests. If we have happy, stimulated guides, we have satisfied guests that just can't help but talk about their 'tour of a lifetime' when they return home from their trip...and often while they're still on it! It can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world when you hear those words from your guests!

Travel & Earn!

Not only do we do our absolute best to be a leader in the industry when comes to compensating our driver/guides, but we also try to ensure our guides live well, on and off the road. We understand what it's like to be out there, working hard on tour, so we try our best to make sure our guides have the solid support they need from our office crew and a nice 'home-base' to return to between trips.

In addition to this, our company has built a reputation for delivering top-notch customer service. In turn, our guests often show their appreciation in the form of gratuity. We offer them guidelines, which we've found helps let people from all over the world understand our customs of tipping here in the USA.


“It could be sunny and hot or even raining, but the natural beauty of the Southwest is spectacular. As a guide, you just see it in a different light every time you travel through.”

 -Tour Guide, Jennie D. 

“Fantastic trip! Well planned and executed. Very fast-paced, but never rushed. Our guide, "Indy" was outstanding! He was personable, funny, and resourceful. Couldn't be more pleased with him.”

-Guest, Monika S.

“Working with Bindlestiff has always been a pleasure. Khriss & Rachel are just so professional & driven. It's been inspiring watching their innovation and growth over the years.”

-Vendor, Jennifer B

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“You cannot see the Grand Canyon in one view... but to see it, you have to toil from month to month through its labyrinths.”

John Wesley Powell

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